To choose and buy a domain name

If, hosting over time can be changed, the domain name is acquired once and for a long time. Therefore, the choice of your site should be taken seriously.

Consider what is in the domain name. Take, for example, Sitename – This is the name of your site, .by – this domain zone and www shows that this address is a website that Hosted on the Internet. Often, for corporate sites name is the name of the company:,, Less commonly, in the title-theme site:,

Name of the site should be easily perceived by the ear and does not cause problems with writing. Even if the main stream of visitors will come to external links and through search engines, it is better when the address of the site you can clearly convey orally – on the telephone, radio, television or in person. For example, if your company name “SPETSSTROYMONTAZH”, then the best option for the name of the site would be, and not, because no clear idea how to write it. Someone writes, and someone

Domains must comply with the goals and objectives of the site. For a company operating only in the Belarusian market will be the best choice zone by. Do not skimp and buy for companies such domain name such as .com, .biz, .net. Site type gives us a clear view of his affiliation to the Belarusian segment. If the company is working on export, for the Russian market and the CIS will be the best domain zone .ru, and for the rest of the world – .com, which inspires more confidence to foreign partners. An ideal option for companies operating in the Belarusian market, the market of the CIS and Europe, will be the creation of three sites, their placement in the appropriate domain zones .by, .ru and .com, and promotion of these sites in their regions.

Get a domain name for your company.

List of popular domain zones:

  • .com – commercial organizations
  • .biz – commercial organizations
  • .org – non-profit organizations
  • .info – Information Resources
  • .net – organizations working with internet
  • .name – individuals
  • .cc – multi-purpose domain zone
  • .ws – multi-purpose domain zone
  • .ru – national domain Russia
  • .by – Belarus national domain


Free hosting and domain name

In my opinion, it is taboo for companies not only in terms of image, but also in terms of reliability and feasibility. Your site can be removed or not be available for a long time, and there will be nobody to bring a claim. It is the same with the domain name type site name., which will not belong to you, and so it is risky to invest in its promotion money. In addition, the sites of this type are difficult to promote.