How to bind the domain to the host

After paying the hosting (it can also be free of charge) you have to physically place on the hard drive of your hosting server. On this hard disk you copy (set) files on your site. Whatever Visitors can view your site by typing in the browser your domain name – domain and hosting you want to bind.

What would you understand why tethering domain to hosting I draw the general scheme.

If you have bought a domain and hosting in one place – that bind to the domain hosting is usually not necessary (this is done automatically by the hosting).

If you registered your domain name registrar and hosting from host should follow a few steps to bind the domain to hosting:

1. In its hosting account go to the section “domain parking” or “setting domain” and mount it in the specified graph your domain name. Typically, when writing prefixes (http: // and www) are not used.

2. After registration, web hosting, you mail a letter was sent to the DNS-servers (they look like this –, if not, they can ask the technical support web hosting provider. DNS-server, you must register in the domain settings at the registrar.

Please note that after the binding domain to hostinku may take 8 to 24 hours before the domain is bound to hosting.